Dear visitors, we say welcome to our world,world of multidimensional reality!

It is required to strive to the world cognition and in the first place to do soul-research for the purpose of preserve and improve of human’s health, increasing of level of human’s life as well as being guided by correct behaviour.

 Humans can succeed in these when they start to recognize personal responsibility for their own status, said words, thought ideas; when they strive for discovering of their cource and potentialities for existent situation changing.  

 It is necessary to go out the frame of our mind to understand the fact that the world has different structure as traditional medicine and human self has already got accustomed to think in order to detection of correct course of live and potentiality.  

 The “human” has always an yearning for learn the nature of environment either for material structure understanding or realize himself like a person, thin-material structure and his own significance in world.  It is necessary to understand the laws of the universe.

 As a sample: “When somebody has wish to take pleasure driving the car he must have habits of driving and to apply knowledge of rules of the road. It is necessary to know and to use laws of the universe for the purpose of being in easy circumstances, to grow in wisdom and to enjoy live.” 

The freedom of choice occurs when person takes upon himself the responsibility for his own world and live.

 We give you a chance of sorting out of initial cause of existent problems, to be aware of it and we offer some options of withdrawal from conflict and critical conditions. 

 The transition from unconscious behaviour to conscious management of developments of human’s life as well as attainment of harmonious development – the main purpose of the HUMAN – HUMAN-CREATOR!

 Well, if you are in a reference point now you must decide on the order of the course of your life.  There are only two courses of life:

 First course can be compared with upward flight in the flow of LIFE

 Second course can be compared with fall in precipice.

 First course looks like a flight of proud eagle but second course – a stone’s fall from height.  Either first or second cases have a sensation of flight, movement but these cases have different quality!

As a rule the result of the second course movement will be blow. 

In the event that you have choice the second course for your life – close this site till worse circumstances would come.

 In the event that you have choice first course you can change your view of world and will be first step to be a master of your own life, the creator of reality.

 If you have choice first course your life will start to get better every time when you will visit next pages of this site.