Dianel is a hardware and software

                                             Комплекс ДИАНЕЛ ПРО

Dianel® 22S-iON (Plenus Edition) is a modern diagnostic complex for performing bio resonance analysis and  psychophysical computer test of organism. The device has high level of accuracy owing to using of three channels, which are intended for take off of biophysical data. Widely applicable in medical centers because of usability and examination results  clearness.

 Dianel 22S-iON hardware and software is intended for wide spectrum of research and application-oriented tasks. The software evaluates man’s anatomico-physiological and psychophysical status rapidly and exactly.    Dianel 22S-iON allows to study influence of endogenous and exogenous factors on man health status and clinical course.  The device is supplied together with two software, which allow to apply this kit for the purpose of  computer-aided bio resonance non-linear examination of human organism, detection of existing issues and pathologies, as well as examination of man psychophysical and somatic status. Additionally, this hardware and software kit allows estimating adaptation speed of excitement and relaxation response, as well as nervous system fatigue and stress. This diagnostic complex is indispensable to examination of patient’s stress tolerance,   functional and adaptive reserves of organism especially during firm personnel estimate. Moreover, this hardware and software is recommended for man’s health complex examination and as an universal means health status monitoring. Dianel 22S-iON" allows to give reasons for patients to rehabilitate their health with different health-improving drugs and methods and, not long after, to control the results of such medicine and methods. 


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