Т-holographic device energy-information filter «Graviton”.

 Water is the base of human organism vital functions. Water is the medium in which all biological and electrochemistry reactions carry out. These reactions are very important for human’s life. Quality of water determines the quality of life. But the most qualitative water is structured water. This water gives living power either human or the whole world around.

You can correctly, competently clear and to program structured water working with energy-information filter “Graviton”. 

Information-wave medicine  based on primary torsion fields which transfer information through aqueous medium to human’s organism and brain. Thereby, it can remove old and current diseases as well as to prevent new diseases.

There are stable structures inside the water molecule – that are clusters.  Just that structures preserve and to record information.

 According to the resonance theory the alpha-sound row (affirmation), the information and the verbal set have been recorded in water shall be directed from the quantized level to the material world.

Uniqueness of the energy-information filter “Graviton” is formed from three components:

First component: the device works regardless of your belief;

Second component: the device “Graviton” makes possible to carry out the informational cleaning (nulling) of water as opposed to majority of analogous devices.   It means that water comes to a condition with null information. We can compare this condition of water with primordial properties of water and after that to structure information-nulled water eliminating probable influence of negative information of previous structure.

 Information recorded in water by the device “Graviton” would have directional effect.   

It is doubtful whether you can read or to link the sense of something has written, for comparison, on a newspaper pages over the existing text.  But when you would write the same on blank page you will have absolutely different effect. The same process takes place in human’s organism. The organism “reads” information has wrote in water by energy-information filter “Graviton”.  

Third component: If you belief in subtle material world, practice meditation, consider theory about multidimensional structure of the universe and human in this case the unlimited possibilities would be opened before you: the enrichment of structured water with useful information including information contained in pharmaceutical compositions, vitamins and cosmetic substance as well as direct sets for quality of life change.

The base usage of filter “Graviton”:

 In case you prepare water for human or animal use you must apply vessel from materials for food.

 It is necessary to stand the filled with water vessel on filter’s front face at 2-3 minutes for water nulling. After that to stand the vessel at 1-2 minutes on the other side of filter for structure consolidation and energy saturation.

The treated water must be located within the zone of influence of human. This makes it possible to attune water with human’s individual parameters for the purpose of water programming and implementation of additional potentialities.  

Usage of pretreated or melt water allows to prepare most energy-consuming structured quality water.

Range of application of energy-information filter “Graviton”:

 -To record in water positive information (for example: “my rejuvenation”, “harmonization of immune system of organisms”, “this banknote attracts money like a magnet”, etc.) and then to take a mouthful. In this case the information recorded in water will be materialized from quantized level to reality;

 - Foodstuffs, beverages can be cleaned and treated like water.  After treatment on energy side of device the foodstuffs are getting tastefully, most energy-consuming (the volume of taken food decreases), taste changes (for example: tomatoes have bought in a store become the smell of yielding have been plucked from seedbed after treatment on “Graviton”);

 -It is recommended to put the device face down to the point of pain location during 8-10 minutes to relieve pain and after that to turn the device over for consolidation of positive effect;

- To clean mirrors, to nullify the stratified information;

 -To nullify negative information from the pictures, documents, banknotes, etc.;

 -To nullify negative information from clothes during washing, any other things that we use;

 -It is advisable to do wet cleaning of premises with structured water. As a result of such tidying up air getting fresh, premises become light and more comfortable;  

 -It is advisable to use structured water for feeding and treatment of domestic animals;

 - It is recommended to pour on plants with structured water for its growth fastening, increase of fructification; 

 - We can record in water any information contained in cosmetic substance, food supplements, tinctures, medicinal herbs, etc. and the water will have exactly same properties as the direct source at that. In this case we can see pure IAT-effect (Information Action Transfer). The human organism reacts to a matrix of pharmaceutical substance has been put by field method. The results of such influence exceed all expectations;

- We advise to women to use energy-information filter “Graviton” for cosmetic aim (different natural facial masks and cream). The effect would be much higher than using expensive cosmetics;

- The advice for prospective mothers – eliminate from your diet the mains water. Information purified and energy treated structured water will provide easy labor and then a healthy and fully development of your baby (feeding, cooking, bathing, wet cleaning, etc.);

 -The children consume structured water will learn better, will be quick in the uptake and not get tired after school;

 The energy-information device “Graviton” will as work as your consciousness.   

The spectrum of application of energy-information filter “Graviton” depends on your creative self, your desire for extension of the consciousness and creative work with device.      

You will notice how your life will start to change. It will be more positive, more interesting and many-sided.

Go for it! Don’t be afraid to dream and you will be surprised at new unlimited facilities granted by amazing T-holographic device “Graviton”.  

Attention! Do not immerse the device “Graviton” in water.

More detailed recommendation and extended range of use of device would be given at users seminars.

The integrated use of various modifications of T-holographic devices allows you to obtain positive results in less time (not only in change of your status but also in the various spheres of life because they mutually reinforce and amplify each other).

The device is nonvolatile and period of validity is unlimited. The device will cease to work only after mechanical damage or deformation.