Т-holographic device for creation of frontier water “Lotus”

Usage of “Lotus” device is a simple and reliable way to correct and to improve your health, develop the ability to resist growing psychophysical stress and to find more inner strength and energy, to increase the energy potential of cells.  

Water is the basis of human organisms. It is the medium in which all bio-electrochemical reactions exercise and to ensure the safety of human life. If to speak in the fewest possible words – water in living organisms differs from “common” well-known water on many properties.  

For example, a jellyfish is a water compound creation upto 99,9%. It is possible to consider the jellyfish as an island of extremely pure “living” water swimming in the common water. But “water in jellyfish” is not just water. It is associated with the polymer molecules that make only 0,1% of its mass. It turns out that all vital functions of the jellyfish are essentially bound and organized by water (frontier water) via surfaces of biological polymers.

The body water constitutes as much as 70% of the body weight.  When converting to molecules it turned out that 99,9% of all molecules in the human body are water molecules.  This means that volume of body fluids versus weight is substantially less than water-weight ratio in jellyfish body. But, in spite of this, water plays very important role in the implementation of the vital functions. Interstitial fluids provide all metabolic processes on cellular level.  

Water, more specifically “frontier water”, has bound and organized by biopolymers and does play important role in provision of organisms with energy. After full saturation with electrons oxygen will transfer in water.

And because the “live giving water” can be source of electrons then it can be considered a kind of “fuel” for normal behaviour of bio-energy reactions in organisms.
The energy acts as “spark” for launching and stable behaviour of bio-chemical reactions.

Energy produced by the combustion of water can be compared with the energy of spark plug in a vehicle engine. The amount of such energy is negligibly small in comparison with amount of energy allocated at combustion of fuel. But when spark plugs are unstable the pure fuel would be not burned down completely, engine would smoke, “sneeze” and break down quickly. Contrariwise, poor quality fuel does not burn down even normal operation of ignition. This causes the appearance of deposit on spark plugs and fail.   

The analogue activities conduct in living organism.  

You can imagine that structural organization of frontier water is broken under influence of any factor. This leads to deterioration of the operation of biological molecules enveloped by this water. But more important, the water loses its ability to serve as the donor of electrons for oxygen and consequently the energy potential of system falls. If an organism has reserves it is capable to rehabilitate its energy balance. And what living organism must do in case of lack of reserves?  In this case we can use the T-holographic device “Lotus” for creation of frontier water.

 Using frontier water you get better results at health recovery stage when following:

  • Pathologies of cardiovascular and digestive systems;
  • Atherosclerosis of blood vessels, affection of the peripheral and central nervous system;
  • Blood disorder, pathologies of endocrine system;
  • Metabolic diseases, overweight and obesity;
  • Diseases of urogenital sphere;
  • Diseases of respiratory system;

 Moreover, using the device “Lotus” you will have the following positive effects:

  • Increase of overall energy of the organisms;
  • Render assistance during depression relieve, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress effects;
  • Have a preventive effect on all systems of the body, rejuvenate it;
  • Increase of target and decrease of toxic effects of remedies on body;
  • Has a sobering effect;
  • Comes blood pressure to normal;
  • Activates the immune and lymphatic systems;
  • Initiates and accelerates the processes of detoxication, excretion, cleaning of chemical waste; 
  • Improves rheological structure of blood;
  • Accelerates the regeneration of tissues.

 The using of frontier water is recommended in the capacity of preventive measure during the period of recovery. When somebody goes through hard conditions the frontier water would show its positive effect.  

The device “Lotus” gives to the created water the measures of frontier water which ensures problem solving on cellular level.

The special procedure does not require for activation of device “Lotus”.

There are three ways of this device usage:

1. The first way:  Creation of frontier water:

 In case you prepare water for use by human or animal, please, apply the vessel which was made from materials intended for human consumption.

The vessel with water is placed on 2-3 minutes on the front side of the device (the snowflake image) and then on 1-2 minutes on the opposite side. The treated water can be used for drinking, cooking.  Very good results are given by the use of frontier water while hygienic measures.    

2. The second way: Contact (Vibrational row):

It is recommended to keep the front side of the device “Lotus” in the palm of right hand three times a day during 6 minutes. A course duration is 6 days (to repeat course after 8 days).  It is recommended, in the advanced cases, to repeat course upto achievement of desired result.   

3. The third way: “Initial care”:

If you have pain (such as headache) to attach the device with front side to the problem area and hold it upto relieve you from pain or discomfort. Then turn device over and hold it for 10-15 minutes.

Additional application of the device “Lotus”:

When you feel fatigue or have skin disease it is recommended to take a bath with water preliminary treated with the torsion-holographic device “Lotus”. For this purpose necessary to do the following:  - to attach the device on 2-3 minutes to outer face of bath on the level of poured water, then turn the device over and hold more 2-3 minutes.   

Attention! Do not immerse the device in water!

In the event you have no any contra-indications you can drink 1 – 1.5 liters of frontier water per day and volume of water can be increased in accordance with your desire. People of elderly age and people who are not in the habit of drink quite enough water can increase the volume of drunken water little by little (to prevent very quick cleaning body of chemical waste).

The integrated use of various modifications of T-holographic devices allows to get positive results in a shorter period. These results will relate not only to change of state of health. It will relate to attitude to life also, because they mutually reinforce and supplement each other. 

The device is nonvolatile and period of validity is unlimited. The device will cease to work only after mechanical damage or deformation.