Method of screening energoinformational adaptometry (Matrix Graphic Vision)

                                                           Небесный Лотос Адаптометрия

This computer facility is elaborated and patented by the academicians Alexander and Olga Vlakhov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). The methodology of transcription of human holographic matrix in the field of events and genealogical programs has been elaborated by Verona Arkadievna Stasiv.

 Academician V.P. Kasnacheev has expressed his supposition that human is a complex system who descended from two cosmic life forms: protein-nucleic and field life form. According to V.P. Kasnacheev’s opinion the field form is an energy intellectual component carrying on human homeostasis. These supposition base on experimental researches.  

Our matrix field changes dynamically in the time and in the space.  And the matrix field changes its parameters and characteristics depends on human organism metabolic processes, external actions, as well as physical and mental state.  On the other part, the matrix field of vital force can be indicated (according to scientific researches) either on the body surface or at some distance from it.    


At present, the method of energy information examination Adaptometry has no analogue in the world. It is an exact and unbiassed system which provides both fast-estimation of human matrix and his adaptation in environment.   

The distinctive feature of this method is detection of the weakest link in the energy-informational holographic human matrix and indication of seat of quantum pathology.

 This method of examination makes it possible to do the following:

     The pathological deviation can be determined long before displaying of primary symptoms of disease. Identification of probable problem zone in any body system as well as confirmation of presence of any observable deviation on the level of physical body;

 ·        Either dysfunction or deviation in the energy-informational centers are determined;

 ·        The negative family programs which were passed on from one generation to another are determined;

 ·        The initial cause of different problems (private life, learning, at office, in career) is determined;

 ·        The initial cause of problems in mutual relationship (in family: terms between parents and children, relationship between men and women; in office: relationship between colleagues, company leader and employee) is determined;

 ·        This method of examination allows a man to make correct decision, indicate the cause of problem in the event that he can’t determine the reason of existing problem without assistance and can’t find a way to solve this problem situation; 

 ·        Comprehensively estimate a child’s poor progress in school and low level of information learning(sometimes  fear or other mental cause interferes a child to answer in class); 

 ·        To determine energy deviation in the man’s holographic matrix;

 ·        To determine point of energy outflow or energy blocking; 

 ·        To identify presence of energy-informational blocks which interfere man to carry out his creative potential;  

 ·        To observe dynamics of changes in man’s biological field (aura) when he engages in manipulation treatment, or in spiritual practice, or is under impact of extrasensory individuals or healers, or different types of devises, etc.;

 ·        To identify pathology’s “core” (informational, energy, physiological);

 ·        To estimate efforts in dynamic through biological feedback; 

 ·        To optimize a choice among methods of diagnostics and algorithms of personal treatment.

Experienced specialist can transcribe the results of examination more than 95%.   


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