T-holographic device “ARTAU”.

This individual T-holographic device promotes increasing of vibration of the person.

 For the first time in the word-wide practice we have applied the new pure high-vibrational flows of energy and composition of information which were received in the space of Kozyrev mirror during creation of this T-holographic device.

The experience of men’s life claims to try to develop the quality of their soul. Step by step they show the power of the Creator by means of spiritual advance and acquisition of life experience.  

Thereby, one of the main priorities of human’s life on Earth is acquisition of life experience. Every man can attain this aim only through his personality.  

The human soul can reincarnate many times in new person but his soul and spirit live forever. 

The man as the specific identity, can live only once and it is very important to have time to get as much experience using the features once your individuality. 

Rising in level of human’s consciousness leads to increase in abilities which the person has in the field of mental realization of his wishes.

But, unfortunately, large majority of people with high vibrational level of consciousness show large deviation from the truth vector in sense of reality, departure from the vector of the Creator. Such people are also capable to transmit and to realize their plans but they work as the teachers of darkness.

Nowadays, when New Energies came to Earth, we, human race, are permitted to develop our personality from the top, through the Spirit, by use of the T-holographic device “ARTAU”. This way enables us to study initial causes which restrain the development of personality and moreover, considerably reduce quantity of problems of personality.

In addition, the T-holographic device “ARTAU” assists the owner in forming of his new body of wishes which will approximate to the form of etheric body. This body enables the person to become a true co-creator, who works by force of thought. Initially the owner will form events in the surrounding world on his own volition, and then to create the surrounding world.

Every time, when you will work with this device, first of all, you will work on one specific problem. The work on this specific problem will permit you to clear and to see the exact crystal face of new person, to transform the past and to improve the short-term future.  This type of work leads to an accelerated well-balanced development of personality, soul and spirit. The human’s subtle structures are multilayered and the depth of these layers is great many. Purity and breadth of usable spectrums of energies make possible to create an effect of multilayered penetration into human nature.   

The T-holographic device “ARTAU” makes more active the following:

- Removal and nulling of stress of human body, soul and spirit;

- Opening of new truth in person himself as well as acceptance of his new life tasks;  

- Release of mind;

- Nulling of reasons which lead to occurrence of family and karmic debts as well as blocking of connection with soul and Higher Self;

- Nulling of parasitic resonances that are incompatible with new energies of transformation;

 - Neutralization and correction of effects of mental traumas on all incarnations, reconnection with your soul and its true desires;

- Relationship of the soul and personality to the optimal level;

- Release from emotions with their subsequent transformation in feelings;

 -Recovery and activation of full-blown flow of vital energies;

- Accept yourself through creation of internal well-balance and transmission of such harmonic in surrounding world;

 - Getting rid of illusions about somebody or something that society imposed on you;

 - Increase of level of self-consciousness as well as accept of running processes;

 - Memory of knowledge of past incarnations, which will be used for the benefit of the man particularly and the universe in whole;

- Spiritual and mental memory about super power;

 - Setting up of chakras of etheric bodies that are necessary for opening of individual super power;

 - Increase in the flow of life energy upto optimal level required for usage of super power;

- Increase in the flow of the Creator and divine matrix upto optimal level;

- Harmonization of all processes against each other;

 - Purification and activation of chakras of the 12th light body which are the field of interaction between mind and feelings, soul and spirit, personality and soul, personality and the Higher Self;

- Purification and activation of chakras of the 13th light body which are responsible for super power within the field of feelings (purification and activation of the chakras that are charged with receipt of the feelings, transmission of feelings into universe);

- Purification and activation of chakras of the 14th light body which are responsible for cleanness of the mind (purification and activation of the chakras that are responsible for connection with planetary Logos of Earth, for energy exchange with consolidated human intellect, for connection with parental universes, for association with universal intellect, for connection with extraterrestrial high-vibrational entities.

 It is necessary to remember that the person must prepare for work with T-holographic device “ARTAU”.  First of all he must perceive the issue. After that this issue must be under scrutiny. The destructive family programs must be neutralized and, moreover, all deformations of holographic matrix that have been caused by foreign negative impact must be eliminated. During the work with T-holographic device “ARTAU” the person shall strive for consciousness of his thoughts, actions and words. He must strive for liberation from negative qualities of character.  This means that it is required to eliminate clutter that presents in the person’s energy-information matrix when you are proceeding along the path of your goal realization. Because these clutters eventually can lead to mutilate result.

 Warning: People with low vibration are prohibited from using T-holographic device “ARTAU”.