Т-holographic device "AVTO-G" for vehicles.

 Any person who has dealing with vehicle knows that any transport facility behaves like an animate being. Any vehicle has its own character, its soul.  

Sometimes the drivers observe different phenomena which are inexplicable from the scientific point of view.

Some cars are “hapless” - it break at the wrong time and auto mechanics spend hours troubleshooting and they lose heart because cannot find the fault.

Some cars often get into accident and are subject to hijacking. 

And as a result, most often, the owner wants to get rid of such vehicle.

And vice versa, the vehicle can be like a friend, or beloved relative. The owner just feeds it regularly on gasoline and spends minimum time checking technical condition over the years.  

It has been proven long and no one denies, but for professional drivers it is an axiom, that as the person affects the vehicle and the vehicle can affect human because the interaction taking place during trip.

The transport facility, as any physical or solid body, can accumulate negative information in the form of increased capability for accident or breakdown; generate the negative information in the surround space, as well as being a source of positive informational programs.    

Both the driver and the vehicle receive and process large volume of information from the road, or other vehicles, or passengers, or pedestrians, or traffic police and etc.

For example, at the roads there are places where a lot of wrecks happen, although the road is flat and field of vision is good. But statistics shows that just in these places the rate of accidents is increased because in these places the space-time structure distorted.    

When the driver gets in such bad zone he, unbeknownst for himself, goes out of reality for a few moments.

Due to violation information exchange with the surround world the cooperation of driver with space distorts because informational program of all accident conditions on this stretch of road affect the driver’s personal energy-and-information field. That can lead to road accident.

In addition, there are plenty of other factors influencing on the tandem vehicle-driver:

the geopathic zones, electromagnetic fields of different nature, burial places, negative mental effect of other people, and etc.

Such information is processing not only driver’s sense organs but simultaneously it fixes in his subconscious.

As a consequence the structural protective cover either of man and vehicle distorts.

 The T-holographic device for vehicles “AVTO-G” enables the following:

• neutralizes the negative informational programs recorded on your vehicle and thereby helps the owner to have positive influence on his own tandem (system) of driver-vehicle-road in the most effective way;

• gains the ability to instantly make correct decisions while driving the vehicle, to be adequate to the situation on road;

• harmonizes the psycho-emotional condition of the driver allowing to decrease intensity of stress and risk of accidents situation on the road;

• prevents the vehicle parts against premature wearing, improves its dynamic characteristics, increases power of motor and reduces engine noise;

• protects from traffic and extortion on the roads;  

• reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases of the vehicle;  

• allows to the driver to manage his time without fear of travel delays;  

• as a result, when negative programs would be neutralized, the application of the device will allow to “save” fuel in volume of 5 to 30%. 

The T-holographic device “AVTO-G” will assist you in other types of transport, including public transport facilities.