Т-holographic individual device “Edelweiss” is

intend to harmonize the physical and mental condition of children

  Т-holographic device helps to restore the equilibrium reactions of immune response:   the cellular and humoral immune response to restore health to the natural state, rehabilitation of the physical and energy body.

  • Neutralizes and nulls out the blocks and complexes built up by upbringing.
  • Neutralizes and reduces tension in the physical body and its parts: blocks, complexes, misrepresentation, stereotypes and personal qualities that had formed a strong destructive construction and support various violations.  
  • Neutralizes and nulls the fears, birth and family traits, complexes passed on from previous generations; cleans the cellular memory; transforms the cellular memory into cell auto regulation. Neutralization of these programs may change the child’s interests, attitudes, opinions, priorities, tastes, etc. because the child begins to develop self-awareness.     
  • Restores normal energy exchange between the child and the surrounding world;  normalizes the interaction between organs and systems, consciousness and body, as a consequence the child’s organism will choose what’s needed to restore a damaged link and to harmonies the system for proper formation and development of the child’s body.
  • Normalizes the balance between a human and its microflora, gently restores the function of solar and thoracal plexus.
  • Helps to be emotionally stable in case of the negative stress energy and psycho-emotional loads, to restore and harmonize personal relations in the family, group, collective.  
  • Neutralizes the effects of external negative destructive programs (“include” emotions of aggression, fear and etc.) caused by exposure to computer games, the Internet, TV.  Gradually the child intuition instinctively avoids the destructive programs and selects information to facilitate their individual personal development.  
  • Helps to recognize and develop child’s creativity.  
  • Restores the fullness of the etheric body after its fault, deformity; contributes to the development of entities (subject to cleanse the environment in which the child spends most of his time) and facilitates the recovery mechanism of self-regulation of energy channels, biologically active points.    

The device with right-hand spin rotation is completely safe and protected from all kinds of influence and intrusions at all levels of the subtle bodies.  

The device is unique because unique technology of recording new clean streams of the transformative energies was used during its manufacturing.

All negative unrelated programs are erased permanently.      

There are no restrictions, no expiration date.

It’s valid for life.