T-holographic invertor «MG-T» Protective device for cell phone.


The twenties century may have seen more technological and scientific progress than all other centuries combined since the dawn of civilization. And one of the most known invention has made at the end of the century is mobile phone. This invention made the world’s knowledge more widely available and human relations close. Communicability has increased sharply.  

But scientists, so far, cannot solve the problem connected with mobile phones injure to human health.  They cannot determine the level of mobile phone effect on human health although it uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range with radiation density no less than 10 microwatt/cm2. People who use mobile phone can increase their negative thoughts, desires and to pass it over vast distance. And this thrust can consist either of “in-between state” of one telephone subscriber to other or to transmit the negative thoughts which have been not passed aloud but are passing clear at the subconsciousness level during the phone conversation. Therefore, we are exposed to the emotional state of other subscriber and information structure of radiation which distorts our energy-informational coating surface. And in addition, our body must gather all strength for the purpose of “treatment” of negative programs. Sometimes, after some talks, we feel ourselves tired or out of balance. Some people can rehabilitate themselves in short period, but for others people such talks can be a reason for stress and depression. Permanent struggle of phone manufacturers for reducing of power of mobile phones upto units of microwatt leads unfortunately only to reducing of electromagnetic component of detrimental effect. The T-holographic “MG-Т”device considerably refracts ultrahigh frequency of mobile and wireless telephony either during dialing or conversation. In addition, the device forms protective field around the owner of phone and smoothes over incoming negative information upto harmonious level. As a result, incoming negative informational component rejects.  

It is very important that in the case of usage of the invertor “MG-T” we cease to be a source of negative emotion. The informational filter protects both us and our interlocutor.  When you feel that forthcoming telephone conversation would be difficult you can give verbal aim for calm, easy, harmonious talk and mutual understanding. Because, when we use T-holographic invertor “MG-T” we have possibility to talk with other people in accordance with our scenario.

“MG-T” invertor application instruction:

-      Remove protective film from glue line of invertor and fix the device on your mobile phone in the comfortable place.

-      For the purpose of device activation you must to say the following vibration-sound formulation: “I am (for example John Doe) the owner of the mobile phone (phone brand) put the information protection. My phone calls safely.”  The integrated usage of various modifications of T-holographic devices allows to obtain positive results either in state of your health or in various spheres of life because of mutual reinforce and amplification. The device is valid for life (the device will cease to work only after mechanical damage or deformation).