T-holographic invertor “MG-TK”

Protective device for computers, TV sets and other electronic engineering.

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our life without computers, TV sets, mobile phones and etc. And the fact is that they have become so important that nothing can replace them. They seem to be everywhere today. But they are dangerous to our health and this fact can be confirmed with many statistical data, modern researches.

If people spend lots of time (6-8 hours per day)using computer at work and at home they could be at risk for computer-related changes of blood vessels of brain,  spleen or pancreatic gland dysfunction.

 Male and female fertility may be affected by perching laptop computers on the lap. The researches which have been conducted by Russian and Swedish scientists have found evidence tying electromagnetic field exposure – especially from video display terminals such as those in laptop computers and televisions – to increase risk of erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, and miscarriage.

Basing on recent research published in the world-wide journals we can state a fact that electromagnetic field exposure is not harmless to our health although we don’t sense it.  

 For the purpose of creation of protective network you must use a couple of T-holographic invertors “MG-TK”.

You want to ask us: How do we create a protection field using two invertors “MG-TK”?

The complex superposition of electromagnetic radiation which has volume-space form creates during operation of monitor and system unit. Therefore, creation of three-dimensional profile or network shall be performed around the source of electromagnetic radiation for the purpose of such radiation localization. We can attain this aim by the use of two local T-holographic invertors “MG-TK” disposed on the edges of monitor body. The spiral network creates while invertors “MG-TK” start to interact with each other. And this spiral network covers the source of negative radiation like a force shield.

In this case the rotation of complex of components of negative radiation getting into such network would be changed obeys the law of spiral right-side torsion network. The system of joint emitters which are located on monitor and system unit assumes the form of a globe. This form provides the reorientation of aggregated form of radiation which comes from the specific source.  

It is required to take into account that during such co-adjustment of protective network the left-side rotation of torsion field of emitter (monitor or system unit) would be converted into torsion field with right-side spin of rotation. Negative radiation would be located and neutralized.

It is important that this protective device can be located on different types of monitor with wide range of sizes.

It is impossible to forget about psychological field which deeply affects human’s energy-information structure. It is relevant to negative information which has been transmitted from the display of monitors and comes to our brain. This may lead to emotional instability. And as a pattern we can discuss bloody computer games.

The T-holographic invertors “MG-TK” are multilevel. It means that these devices neutralize negative electromagnetic component and in addition considerably reduce fields of psychological impact of negative information during interaction between human and information which has been transmitted from monitor.

T-holographic invertor “MG-TK” is very simple in use because special procedure does not require for activation of this device. It will be enough to remove protective layer from gluing film and then to attach the devices to lower edge of monitor’s body.


Avoid mechanical damage of device. Compound process filler is very important for full-fledged operation of torsion content of invertors.

The devices are valid for life because they will cease to work only after mechanical damage or deformation.