Individual T-holographic device “Guard”.

          In our time the question of informational security is at the first place. Information always is primary, energy is secondary.  In the beginning was the WORD … The quality of information influence on quantity and quality of energy and further the quantity of matter.

When a man is in unbalanced state he unwittingly takes information from his environment. The exchange of informational phantoms takes place. The words of people who are close to this man exert significant influence on him, but the man doesn’t aware of it. In the event that the information phantoms are close to each other in their essence and vibrations, there is a resonance and amplification.  If the information phantoms are very different in essence that a man with higher vibrations and higher creativity will feel strong information deformation; internal information changes after a conversation with a man with low vibrations and creativity. As a result this man gets all signs of information “poisoning” which are similar to the symptoms of actual poisoning on physical level.  

In the most dangerous zone of risk from information smog are people who practice a profession lays in the field of destructive or deforming information: doctors, psychologists, law enforcement officers, etc. The people, who are engaged in computer diagnostics or any other kind of diagnostic.  They risk their health even more because action of ionizing radiation (computer bad influence) greatly reduces the energy of the diagnostician and his protective mechanisms because diagnostician enters the energy-informational space of almost all spheres of human activity.  In other words, he “undertakes” all unfavourable information.  Hence new question appears: “Has the diagnostician enough power “to convert” all this negative information? And his situation becomes more sophisticated when several people in serious conditions have been diagnosed day to day. Moreover, the diagnostician can also have diseases or any other problem situations which can resonate with similar problems of the man under test.

The individual T-holographic device “Guard” allows you to instantly neutralize foreign destructive information during the reception, communication, consultation and to convert the energy flows.

The attunement occurs during the contact between patient and doctor, or consultant and consulted. The device facilitates a more accurate detection of information on the reasons for the problems of the examinee, to lead the patient to a “wave” of understanding. At the same time, the device instantly neutralizes foreign destructive information, excluding its penetration into personal field of the consultant that allows keeping his own energy potential.

The device is absolutely safe, has right-hand spin of rotation.

The device will not be transferred to other person because the attunement to human holographic matrix happens since the first activation and the device becomes personal.

Valid for life.