Т-holographic device “Shield”.

    Every man during his life obtains experience which helps him to navigate in the world of energies. But unfortunately, whatever the level of energy you have, there will be always somebody who has energy flow stronger than your.

While we live in a world of duality and the world is divided into good and evil, black and white the opposites – the energy of creation and the energy of destruction - will exist too. 

The astral body is most vulnerable to negative influence from other people and requires additional protective activities.  

ENERGY PROTECTION is first of all a thought form corresponding to the frequency of vibration of an astral body of a human.

When alien destructive energies and programs penetrate subtle bodies of the man he suddenly feels fatigue, discomfort, malaise, headaches, dizziness, mood swings, apathy, inability to concentrate, falls ill; different kind of troubles begin to occur and the man’s nervous system dramatically crashes. 

 Unfortunately, the doctors try to remove discomfort caused by extrasensory exposure by the use of various drugs. The psychotropic drugs are especially dangerous in this case because they destroy only symptoms of the disease and not its cause. 

The human body is deprived of natural protection given to man by nature. The psychotropic drugs reduce brain activity suppressing the reflex mechanism. The man doesn’t perceive the traumatic situation as negative. And as a result the protective behaviour forms do not develop giving the possibility to attacker further to delve into human consciousness and to destroy his aura. 

Some people use one simple method of energy protection – the device “Shield”. This device is an energy structure which formed at the expense of  compaction of aura with a view to put obstacles in penetration of destructive energy impulses .  In fact, this definition includes either notion and principle of action of the shield. A screen creates within the human’s bio-field with forms.    

But as far as this thought form is powerful and how long it can keep protection?

Most often people use method of reflective shield that allows to send the negative charge back to the opponent and to hit him with the same energy that he has spent on the man and more over to add some negative energy from himself.

It is worth considering: rather than whether we are like those who attacked us and not whether he will again attack.

T-holographic device of common use “Shield” is designed for instantly neutralization of purposive harmful energies focused on any level of subtle bodies.  

The device instantly detects and neutralizes all destructive energy and substantive attacks, as well as informational programs on the germination stage in an unlimited range and in real time mode.

The device is activated (turned on) by pronounce a certain code words before expected meeting with the aggressively geared up people.  The device can be activated during communication mentally (when there is no possibility to pronounce code words) also. High activity of device would be hold within 3 hours. If necessary, activation should be repeated.  After activation keep the device in the personal possession or in bag.

To use the device as needed -in the case you felt sharp deterioration, decline or if desire.

Detailed recommendations for use are given in the passport attached to the device.

Surround yourself with positive thoughts, emotions. The thought is a powerful weapon and you can disarm any attacker with your positive thoughts.  Angry man recognizes that he is a victim.

Without anger you become a person who had been on the way of understanding. In this case you become a disciple under the protection of a higher power. The law of the jungle is “kill the victim”.  Nobody kills the disciple.  You shall learn to control your emotions and to feel free to show your feelings when they have place to be. It is the easiest way to understand your true feelings or forced emotions.

The device has right-hand spin of rotation, completely safe, protected from all kinds of influences and intrusions at all levels of the subtle bodies.

The device is unique because during manufacture the unique technology of record of virgin flows of transforming energies were applied.

The people with low level of vibrations shall not use this device. .

The device is nonvolatile. Valid for life (the device will cease to work only after mechanical damage or deformation).