Vvvv   History of development of Project “MEGA-GALAXY”

The project “Mega-Galaxy” began at the end of the 1970th. A group of physicists in Yekaterinburg discovered the nature of torsion fields (torsion, in this case, is defined as twisting) using the A. E. Akimov method (mathematical simulation). They also worked on developing a device to regulate safety of the power generating units of the first nuclear power plants (industrial scale power-generation sites with a fast neutron reactor).

 During the development process, prototypes were created whose principle operation was based on initial torsion fields with a right-side pin rotation (information gathering generators on a plane with a right-side rotation). While these right-side rotations have no negative effects on humans the similar torsion generators with left-side rotation have a negative effect in 20% of living organisms (flora and fauna) tested. In consideration of this, experimentation with torsion-informational generators with left-side rotations was stopped and has no planned research (in quantum physics) for the future

It was argued in both theory and on experimental models that the information put into the device, in the required conditions, was able to be carried out into hyperspace.

 Connections between various components of physical reality were recently opened and used in the technology described above. The Components include, time and physical vacuums, sacral geometry and phenomenology of information, integrated field theory, quantum teleportation, synergy of complex systems, and network intelligence.

Afterwards, the devices with prescribed characteristics were developed. Such devices have structured cavitations of a physical vacuum to account for a sonic pulse, which in turn locates events in space and time to increase capabilities of the human subconscious during the processing of information. These devices, while complex, are safe for users.

Afterwards, the devices with prescribed characteristics were developed. Such devices have structured cavitations of a physical vacuum to account for a sonic pulse, which in turn locates events in space and time to increase capabilities of the human subconscious during the processing of information. These devices, while complex, are safe for users.

The first and most important consequence of this discovery was a possibility to positively affect humans despite their location using a quantum copy of the recipient (photograph, reversed image, portrait, personal objects, etc.)

Humans are a purely biological creature. This means that the transfer of informational action affects the biological world as well. The unique reliable tandem “Human-Device” was formed for the energy-information exchange.

The technology used to manufacture different “T-holographic device” models was perfected in recent years keeping in mind quantum transition. It was possible to create and practiced a method of concentrating a colossal capacity of energy and transferring information from a physical vacuum to water. It had unprecedented influence over the human organism. However, in the scientific world it is only known as theory.

All living organisms in nature and the universe exist because of Energy of physical vacuum (same as bio energy, energy of universe, energy of zero-point oscillations). The quantity and duration of a human’s life depends on the presence or absence of such energy.

The invention is a device that uses information and energy to impact on the surrounding hyperspace in order to optimize its settings to improve the living conditions of the human body.

The latest research and experiments have been received using Kozyrev and Mia’s mirror devices which allows the research to reach a new stage of development in the area of the high frequency energy flow of the universe. The new technology is used in the new generation of T-holographic devices from the project “Mega-Galaxy”.


Center of health-improving technologies “Heavenly Lotus” Ltd.                                                   

The study of humans can fall under the studies of a cosmo-planetary phenomenon, research of intellect, research of hidden capabilities of human consciousness, evolution of living spaces, development of life support, and survival under cosmo-planetary changes.

Humanity has entered a new phase of existence in the twenty first century. Scientific discoveries made over the last years favor the creation of the whole worldview.

Continuous exchanges and transmutations of information, energy, and substance take place in the Universe. Information and energy promote the creation of substances. The material body takes its shape from the physical vacuum-torsion fields (elemental particles of energy). The substance created is compressed energy.

Scientific research states that further development of civilization can only happen when in harmony with the laws of nature.

With the advent of the new era and the quantum spin, all the processes are accelerating, which create spins around each person during period of planetary change. Speed data vortices at everyone, but all it seeks to synchronize with the spiritual planetary rhythm that at present has not yet stabilized and currently is setting its own pace among the system of planetary synchronizations. 

We live in a complicated time and got through difficult processes which are creating a rise in the level of consciousness. It can be compared with the complicated operations of structural reformation.

The center of health-improving technologies, “Heavenly Lotus”, researches and develops new technologies presented by the “Mega-Galaxy” project. These technologies help humans to transform from low vibrations to higher vibrations and to unblock the human mind in order to start to live consciously. When a person participates consciously in global processes, while having the correct intrinsic motive, the inner call activates. The earlier dormant resources of the mind as well as a human’s capabilities of human sensory system (internal knowledge, sensation, information read-out, catching of inner impulse of “Higher Self”) wake-up and become stronger.

      The above information is confirmed by our simultaneous researches with the following scientific entities:

  • INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE of COSMIC ANTHROPO-ECOLOGY (ISRICA) formed on the basis of Siberian branch of the Russian Academy medical sciences of Novosibirsk  
    General Director – Doctor of Medicine sciences, Professor Alexander Trophimov 

    The Chairmen of the Academic Council – academician of Russian Academy of medical sciences, Professor Vlail Kaznacheev
  • CENTER of HEALTH bureau named after  Academician Makeyev formed on the basis of “Academician V.P. Makeyev State Rocket Center” of Mias, one of the largest research and development centers in Russia on the development of rocket and space technology  
    The head of the Center, the head of the Ural regional body for certification and the examination of bioenergy and radiological safety, an engineer, a psychologist, researcher, inventor – Bulaev Viktor Vasilievich
    • The supervisor in the field of artificial intelligence, screen writer, documentary film director Pravdivtsev Vitaliy Leonidovich

    Field of research: philosophy, psychology, esoteric teachings, the riddles of the universe, the abnormal phenomena in nature  and society, outside world, human abilities and his psyche,  Ufology,  power-information interaction between human and Kozyrev mirrors