T-holographic device “Rhodonite”

intends to remove negative programs and negative traits of birth and family.

 Some famous psychologists have found out that each person inherits either positive or negative achievements of ancestors. 

As stated in the Bible: “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge”.

The man himself as a compound energy-information system carries many thousand years information, has in the past a large number of unrighteous actions have been committed voluntary or involuntary, but feels painful pressure for such actions in the present.  

Any unrighteous action: such as murder, robbery, violence, injustice, curse is remaining in the family informational field in the form of unfinished programs that require its completion (neutralization).

Any man has been being a part of his family is owed to carry all its “debts”. 

Bad luck, sickliness, children sick or barrenness (no children) may be accounted for the family debts influence. 

Many people cannot establish family in our time.  But it would seem what easier!

There is so much negative programs in humanity required to work off that many people feel unwell, have breathing problems, digestive disorder either in literal or metaphorical senses (asthma, tuberculosis, cancer, and etc.)

Why «chrisom children» become addicted to drugs? It signified that a lot of hereditary problems run in their family and already young children are broken bearing this heavy load and tries to run away from them in parallel words.   

German psychologist Bert Hellinger taught us how to identify the “debts” and has found a way to remove them more gentle way then to pay blood for blood and an eye for an eye.

For this purpose he was absorbed in the area remaining quite vague.  

Here is an example from Hellinger’s practice: all men at the age of 28 years in one family felt an irresistible thirst for suicide by hanging.  

Dr. Hellinger found out that the first link in this chain was the great-grandfather who has hanged himself for certain reasons at the age of 28 years. The rest of the men in the family worked in the subconscious of his program.

Using his method the psychologist was able to neutralize the effect of such program.

But unfortunately, this method cannot cover all human negative programs at extremely stressful kind. Moreover, it is required to take into account that this kind of work is very laborious. 

The arrival of a new era, new cosmic energies, higher tolerances for life on Earth have made possible  to complete programs of past millennial brief but comprehensive because of their “uselessness” from the standpoint of the higher reason in charge of our planet. 

  • In T-holographic device “Rhodonite” was laid information which is exempt from having to bear the brunt of negative programs of the family.
  • It should be noted that the holy place is never empty, and the owners of the devices must accept any suitable constructive program aimed to achieve them bright future and harmonic current. 
  • The process of rebuilding will take several months. You will feel special, unusual, and new for you states. This new sensations can be compared with the feel when “habitual” heavy load fell from the shoulders. A new, strange, inexplicable sense of liberty will appear and your body will fit to it.  
  • Your field will clear from your own negative programs relevant to other people.
  • The energy-informational fields of your immediate and remote kinsmen and parents will be cleansed of programs similar to your programs.
  • The programs that passed through many generations to your children will be removed from their energy-informational fields. 
  • Some people are connected with you karmically and have no wish to take your new status. Such people will retire from your circle of relations.  Other people will accept your new state and will help you.  
  • Your energy-informational structures will be rebuilt in the structures favorable for you just as all the structures of the Earth are adjusted to the galactic high-energy rays.

 Procedure of activation of the device “Rhodonite”, and the method of its use are described in the passport.

The integrated use of various modifications of T-holographic devices allows to obtain positive results either in state of your health or in various spheres of life because of mutually reinforce and amplify each other.

Trust yourself! Do not be afraid to discuss and to analyze the current events.  Remember that your life depends on yourself, your will and desire to work together with the universe.

The devices are nonvolatile. It’s valid for life (the device will cease to work only after mechanical damage or deformation).