Individual protective T-holographic device “Seraphim”.

 intends for harmonization of relationships between people on the conscious and subconscious level, cooperation and mutual understanding between a human and the universe - next step in the evolution of mankind.

 All of us are connected to each other by invisible threads. Any negative information hurts us and our friends indirectly. In moments of emotional disruptions which can be caused by depression, weather changes and any disorder the external control programs can penetrate a human external capsule. 

T-holographic device “Seraphim” is an individual informational filter which paves for its owner the way for correct and safe shielding against external actions.

Protective field generated by the device “Seraphim” prevents the intrusion of parasitic programs (such as 25th frame, hidden impact in advertising, neurolinguistic programming and other more sophisticated effects which have become the main instruments for the management of mass consciousness of the society, as well as targeted mental influences of other people referred to popularly as occult methods) into personality structure.

The T- holographic device “Seraphim” creates either shielding layer or neutralizes the negative programs existing in the human field.

Thereupon neutralization of negative destructive programs and following restoration of energy potential the device “Seraphim” launches human protective mechanisms which were originally laid in each of us.  Each body takes individual time period for restoration because such period depends on profoundness, power and period of influence of negative programs existing in personal energy-informational hyperspace of the particular person. Use of the device “Seraphim” allows anyone to protect personal energy-informational space.   

It is required to remember that struggle against external informational problems would make tight knot and attract analogue programs.  

You have to put your personal space in order at first and the device “Seraphim” will bring you an inestimable help.

Using the device “Seraphim” you will be permitted to move away from nervous breakdowns and tension state, you will feel quite yourself and harmony, Moreover, you will begin to look on the bright side of life and to reappraise old values and priorities.

Follow advices specified in the passport for individual protective T-holographic device “Seraphim”.

 It is recommended to work with the device twice a day (in the morning and evening) during first two months. Then you are required to activate the device in the event of negative sensations, discomfort, after conversation with anyone.

Later, when majority of negative problems would be erased and powerful energy potential would be gained, as well as the personal defense mechanism would be renewed you may begin to work with the device “Seraphim” without direct contact. It would be quite enough to visualize the image of device.

We advise you, at first, to analyse the problems in your health, psychological state, problems with ability to receive and understand the events, the behaviour of people around you, your reaction to emerging situations.  Then to describe existing negative situations or problems and, after some time, to analyse changes happened in your life already during the use of the device “Seraphim”. 

The integrated use of various modifications of T-holographic devices allows to obtain positive results either in state of your health or in various spheres of life because of mutually reinforce and amplify each other.  

There are no restrictions, no expiration date. It’s valid for life (the device will cease to work only after mechanical damage or deformation).