T-holographic device for transformation of ambient space “Spherit”.

 Our house is a space. The space is full of different kinds of energy. The energies that fill the dwelling are the sources of subsistence of a man.   
Energy-and-informational structure of dwelling puts together invisible energy lines pierce through the space of house. The apartments or industrial premises keep all informational and energy layers which left by all tenants, visitors, employees. All information about different events or diseases, or mental conditions, or physical states of lodgers has an influence on mental and physical conditions of all following tenants.  

 Our dwellings, houses and apartments, are rectangular. This shape contributes to accumulation of negative energy in the corners.  The energy-and-information fields of the neighbors redistribute and project to each other in multi-storey houses.

 Energy fields of houses, premises, buildings, areas where people live, work, study or rest shall be safe and comfortable. These fields, moreover, shall increase energy potential of people, create new standards of live, increase efficiency and ability to learn.   

 The T-holographic device for transformation of surrounding space “Spherit” consists of seven separate crystalline modules that activate natural cosmic energy and transformation flows of modern times during interaction with each other.

T-holographic device “Spherit”:

Implements information-and-energy cleansing of dwelling, removes old energy and destructive information:  

It neutralizes and removes the spatial and temporal distortions. The energy of apartment, office or any premise that hosts the device “Spherit” gradually becomes comparable with the place of Force. People in such area feel comfortable, come into state of harmony;

It harmonizes relationships of either family or team; aligns the state of mind as well as intensifies the energy of the person;

It promotes the mutual setting of biorhythms of people (family, work team and other community);

It increases the relations and promotes mutual configuration between the matrix of the person and the matrix of Earth;  

It restores the structure and energy of the space devastated under the influence of pathogenic factors of difference origin (Hartman grid, geopathic zones, and abnormal places) into torsion field with right-hand rotation;

 It neutralizes toxic and harmful chemical compounds allocated in furniture, clothes and construction materials (plastic windows, wall panels, linoleum, etc.);

 It brings the human biorhythms to conformity with the place, restores healthy mechanisms and processes of sleep and wakefulness;

It restores and creates spatial conditions for creative purposes, sensitization of creative potential of individual and collective;

 It brings together like-minded persons, promotes building of relationships on feelings of mutual respect, balance, harmony in the group of people;   

 It creates a normal energy conditions close to natural(such as: protection and restoration of the vitality and health of all family members, harmonious vibrations of peace, harmony, tranquility, balance, stability and mutual understanding between children and adults);

It eliminates energy entities with low destructive vibrations, removes the elemental spirits within the radius of 30 meters;

 The T-holographic device “Spherit” “protects” the living space against the people who deliberately sets harms as their subject.  Such person will not be able to cross the threshold, or will leave the premises quickly.  

Recommendations for use:

 The special procedure does not required for activation of the T-holographic device “Spherit”. It is recommended to place the device in any convenient part. If you wish, you can change the location of device any time.  The radius of action is 30 meters, or more. It is constantly alive in real-time, valid for live.  

 The device has no analogues.