Т - holographic device “TorUm”


Т-holographic quantum module “TorUm”

(individual special-purpose matrix)


Individual quantum T-holographic module has been intended for creation of modified space in the shape of a hologram with “target – task” specification. 

 All human beings are born free and have their own free will. They take part in their life occurrences voluntarily or not.   

Everyone is entitled to choice his course of life, or events, or goals depends on level of man self-knowledge. There are lots of variants of life problem solution. But the questions “what must I do, “what kind of behaviour must I exhibit”, “what is my life course perspective” occur at any time.  

Man makes some steps, actions which lead him to the perceived task solution through events sequence relevant to this task.   

But, sometimes, the aim remains unattainable оr result is distorted.  

One of the main reasons impedes goal achievement is, so called, negative programs or negative attitude. For most people it is far easier to remember bad things that happened to them in life than the good things, to depend both on circumstances and other people, events, and etc.

Negative attitudes, as well as negative personal merits (doubt, laziness, lack of self-confidence, psychological blocks, etc.) that have been cultivated in children by their parents and surrounding people blocks work of consciousness and connection with subconsciousness. 

 We live in material world. This world has got low vibrations and consists of dense matters.  

 We can get wishful things by means of material action only (e.g. make something by hand or buy something made by hand).

But any item or man’s wish must be initially carefully considered in the astral world and then would be concentrated, materialized in our space.

In the event that people want to be the subjects of their lives, rather than objects controlled by others, they must to increase range of their vibration upto astral plane vibrations and to wish. Astral plane is full of ideas, thoughts, as well as wishes. It reflects man’s wishes scarcely when we only want.

The Universe is holographic and all processes in any level of material formation (private life, necessary thing, essential meetings, necessary subsistence, indispensable conditions, permitting, good luck, career, etc.) develop according to explicit laws.

There are 7 levels of real Universe (our regularity):

  1. The Creator
  2. The Universe informational (or memory) field (the field holds information about all things that arise in time and space)
  3. Physical vacuum or primary torsion fields
  4. Plasma
  5. Gas
  6. Liquid substances
  7. The matter or solid bodies

 The matter creation algorithm underlies the Universe laws and comprises of seven stages too:

  1. Idea.
  2. Knowledge.
  3. Main direction.
  4. Qualitative analysis.
  5. Formation of events (goals) or cause-and-effect relations.
  6. Creation (creation works).
  7. Results.

 Every stage is important and takes certain quantity of quantitative and qualitative energy.

Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate existing clutters (any negative programs in person’s energy-information matrix) that can lead to distorted result in the final analysis.

The T-holographic quantum modules (devices) Graviton and Seraphim that provide individual protection, as well as Rhodonite (neutralization of family negative programs) will help person to eliminate such negative problems in personal energy-information matrix.

Our creative thoughts, constructive ideas resonate with harmonious development of the Universe  are implemented only in the event that all person’s energy-information centers (chakras) have right-hand spin of rotation.  

An important aspect of human development is cognition of himself/herself in the surrounding world, mastery of his/her consciousness possession, as well as mastery of holding of his/her consciousness in present. As usual, human’s consciousness is not holistic and stints contemplation of surrounding world. Such man builds his future events on the basis of his own past experience or experience of other people.  

The features of T-holographic quantum module (device) TorUm

  • The device keeps person’s goal in the real-time mode and builds personal protective corridor. It paves the way for the goal realization.   
  • The device helps man to make his brain more active and to exceed consciousness capability during wishful reality forming.     
  • The device adjusts human brain waves in accordance with waves of surrounding world.  Such adjustment facilitates energy of thoughts and word into specific event.  
  • The device strengths person’s ability to focus on the purpose. Such concentration helps man to attain the aim in the shortest period.  
  • In the event of regular use the device stimulates development of intuition that is important when making difficult and quick solutions to the conflicts. Intellectual facilities and information processing speed increase. Right and left hemispheres work synchronizes simultaneously.  
  • The device activates mechanism of wish (message) transfer into the Space of diversity and resources, as well as intensifies energy potential and increases its vibrational level, helps the thought to concentrate upto material matter (object). 
  • The device ensures presence of necessary CLEAN ENERGY SOURCE  during the whole cycle of aim realization.  
  • The TorUm device increases facilities both to manage the current events and to receive the wishful things as it had originally been conceived. Because the device ensures localization of programmable informational matrixes in the space and in the time.  This condition increases man’s facilities to manage events many more times.  
  • The TorUm device puts person’s consciousness into higher qualitative level.  It means that person must gradually develop towards achievement of the goal, to increase his/her spiritual quality and energy facilities, as well as to extent his/her intellectual facilities.  

Everybody who works with this device feel different changes.  Someone revise his/her aims. New goals, ideas, thoughts, relations occur and person has time to do work in shorter period. He/she has feeling that time either shrinks or extends when man needs time for the work completion.   

The clockwise polarized crystals are located inside the device. These crystals are composed of multivariate space hologram of the highest dimension. It is required to define the matrix of thought (idea) or event exactly and then to fill it with energy (specific action), to buy a lottery ticket for example.    

The Universe is multidimensional and human, as a part of the Universe, is multidimensional too!

T-holographic quantum module TorUm organizes man surrounding world in accordance with the purpose.  

 The device TorUm works in two modes:

1. Mode of aim-task setting (period of realization shall be specified).

2. Mode of self-contained support (everyday activation).  It means that person activates the device but doesn’t set new aims. In such case the device holds the current events in the ‘on-line support’ mode.  

Every person who works with T-holographic quantum module TorUm understands that his/her inner (spiritual) world must correspond to the wishful event.

For example: It is possible to order, to deliver, and to put huge cupboard in a big flat, but it is impossible to squeeze it into tiny flat.


  • T-holographic TorUm device facilitates realization of positive thoughts in accordance with THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE (freedom of will)!
  • The setting of aim in excited state, mental tension and stress is not recommended.
  • It would be advisable to  work with the device TorUm in psychical equilibrium state.
  • Optimum time for activation in both modes ( aim-task setting and on-line support) is period from  six o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon.